Moods of Nature

-Moments in Life

Nature is my wellspring of inspiration. Light is important in a painting. Likewise, everything I paint has touched me in some way. A mood of nature, a ray of light somewhere that catches my attention. Colors, shades, plays of light and shadow. All this speaks to me.


I paint in acrylics. Periodically, inspiration flows and I can paint one painting after another as if it will never end, then it may take me a while before I pick up the brush again. Nevertheless, my thoughts are almost always in pictures and I file them away in my memory until it is time to paint again.

Welcome to my website. Feel free to look around and I hope you will then find something that interests you.




Mona Reimer


Mona Reimer, Stenslingan 10

283 36 Osby. Mobil 0733-923 924

E-mail: monareimer@yahoo.se


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